Hello world!

Although it is a wordpress default post title, hello world sounds right for a blog post that will test the water and start a journey into a blog about programming and game making.

Originally explodingideas went online in 2012 as a platform for me and my friends to post creative ideas which was only truly taken up by myself. I used it as a weekly motivator to stay creative and to try new things. That website began to get repetitive and when it was taken down by a virus in 2015 and all the anti-malware was improved, it was decided that a fresh start was needed. This began with collaborating with others and a journey of development and discovery in the creative world. But left the website itself neglected.

It wasn’t until 2016 that the website got a new paint job and games started appearing, but a cascade of life changes saw me move job and career industry, saw me engaged and soon to be married, and saw me go back to studying.

So right now I’m a geologist who studies computing and IT, who used to travel the world but instead draws art, builds games and write programs all in my spare time. Why do I do this when I could just relax in front of the TV?  I guess that I just feel driven.

I am hoping to pull everything that i do back into my website to start getting explodingideas back to where i once dreamed it could go.